Cat Fences

Indoor Cat Boundaries

An indoor containment system designed for cats

Finally, an Indoor Boundary system designed just for cats. The CAT200 Transmitter and CR7 Receiver work in concert to keep your cats safe and out of trouble – and out of the places cats should not be. As an added bonus, the CR7 Receiver also works seamlessly with our outdoor systems, like the ProFence. Protect your furniture, your plants, and your sanity with an indoor cat fence from DogWatch.

Some places just aren’t for cats

Our indoor fences can be customized to keep your cats inside the areas you want them, and away from areas you don’t, such as furniture, dining rooms, kitchen counters, trash cans or any other “off limits” areas. Click below to view sample configurations.

How do I buy a Cat Fence Indoor Boundary?

DogWatch Training Products can be ordered online or purchased directly from your local dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A ‘Cat Fence’ is the same DogWatch Hidden Fence that is used for dogs. We just call it a Cat Fence when we are using it for cats! However, we know that cats are important, so our Indoor Cat Boundary has a special design specifically for cats. Just like our other products, you can use our Cat Fence to keep your pet in a designated containment area, such as a yard or specific areas in your house; or away from an area, such as the kitchen counters, the couch or favorite ‘scratching post’ chair, the swimming pool or garden. You can use the same receiver collar with our indoor products and our outdoor Hidden Fence.

For outdoor fences, a hidden wire, buried underground, carries the harmless, low level FM radio signal around the containment area. Your pet wears a receiver on a collar that picks up the radio signal and emits a mild stimulation (also called a correction) if it gets too close to the boundary. Using visual flags and an audible signal, your pet is trained to recognize where the boundary is. After training, it is unusual for pets to receive the correction as they know to avoid the boundary area. With consistent boundaries and good training, pets can play happily knowing where they should and shouldn’t go.

With our Indoor Cat Boundary, the transmitter emits the radio signal directly from the portable transmitter to create an “off-limits” area up to 10 feet in diameter. Or it can be used with a wire that you can hide around your couch or other containment area to create an indoor “fence”. All of our other Indoor Boundaries can also be used with our Cat Fence collar.

Yes. We have successfully trained many cats to use both indoor and outdoor hidden fences. Because cats can climb trees (etc.), your DogWatch Dealer will work with you to establish an appropriate plan for your outdoor fence. The fence configuration may need to be a little different than a fence that is only for dogs. Training a cat to use the fence is also a little different than training a dog to use the fence.

Instructions for training your cat to the Indoor Boundary are available here. If your local DogWatch Dealer is installing your Cat Fence or Indoor Boundary, training assistance is usually included. Cats learn the containment area through visual cues (flags) and audible warning signals from the receiver collar. For outdoor cats, training is generally done indoors before introducing the cat to the outdoor system.

For more information about training cats to use the hidden fence:

Yes. There is no limit to the number of cats or dogs (or both!) our hidden pet fencing can protect at one time.