Indoor Cat Containment Systems.

Finally, an Indoor Boundary system designed just for cats. The CAT200 Transmitter and CR7 Receiver work in concert to keep your cats safe and out of trouble – and out of the places cats should not be. As an added bonus, the CR7 Receiver also works seamlessly with our outdoor systems, like the ProFence. Protect your furniture, your plants, and your sanity with an indoor cat fence from DogWatch.

Some Places Just aren't for Cats.

Our indoor fences can be customized to keep your cats inside the areas you want them, and away from areas you don’t, such as furniture, dining rooms, kitchen counters, trash cans or any other "off limits" areas.


Keep your pets away from furniture.

Keep your pets off your guests.

Keep your pets away from certain rooms.

Keep your pets out of the kitchen.


CAT200 – Cat Indoor Boundary

The CAT200 Indoor Boundary can be used with a boundary wire for large areas or without a boundary wire to protect an area up to 10 feet in diameter (5 foot radius around the transmitter). Includes power supply, boundary wire and four indoor training flags with two flag bases (each holds two flags). Receiver collars must be purchased separately. Designed to pair with the CR7 receiver for cats, but will work with all DogWatch FM receivers.


CR7 – Cat Receiver

The CR7 receiver for cats has 7 user-adjustable levels and a battery life of up to 6 months. Includes: Status Light, AutoMemory® and TattleTale®. Weighs 1.1 ounces (with battery.) Includes 1 battery (3.0 volt lithium), 1 collar strap (⅝” black cat safety-strap – adjusts 5½” to 8”), 2 standard contact posts, and attachment accessories. Designed to work with the CAT200 Indoor Boundary, but will work with all DogWatch FM transmitters, indoors and outdoors.. If you want a portable boundary that can be used anywhere to protect a small area (trash, counters, furniture, flower gardens, sandbox, etc.), this is a perfect choice. Works with all DogWatch FM receivers.