How does a DogWatch® Hidden Fence
compare to an Invisible Fence® brand fence?

Both DogWatch® and Invisible Fence® design, sell, and install hidden underground dog fences, but there are key differences in safety features, lifetime value, ease of use, and customer service. Explore the advantages of having an electronic pet fence from DogWatch®.

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User Adjustable

DogWatch® Hidden Fence systems are user-programmable, meaning you can adjust your hidden fence settings yourself. To adjust an Invisible Fence system, a customer must request an in-person service call from a company representative - that means an expensive service fee and extra wait time.

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Longest Battery Life

DogWatch® Hidden Fence collars have the longest battery life in the industry. Invisible Fence batteries last only 3-4 months, while DogWatch® batteries can last up to two years! Fewer batteries are good for your wallet, better for the environment, and, most importantly, safer for your pet. See how much you can save with DogWatch®!

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Patented FM Signal

All electronic dog fences use radio frequencies to transmit the signal from the transmitter or wire to the receiver worn by the dog. Only DogWatch® uses digital FM SafeLink® technology. The FM signal is less prone to interference and stray signals than the AM systems used by all other brands, including Invisible Fence®.

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Lifetime Warranty

Every hidden fence from DogWatch® comes with a Lifetime Equipment Warranty. You never need to worry about replacing your system in case of a lightning strike (we provide the best lightning protection, too!) or other mishap. We’ll even replace the receiver if your dog chews on it!

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Locally Owned and Operated

DogWatch® Hidden Fences of Greater Cleveland is locally owned & operated by small business owners who live in your community. Only DogWatch® is 100% local! Our team will support you when you need it, even years or decades after your initial purchase. Check out our reviews for proof that our customer service is the best in the industry!