GPS Wireless
Wired Dog Fence Comparison

What is the Difference Detween a DogWatch® Hidden Fence and a GPS Wireless Dog Fence?

When it comes to your pet’s safety, GPS wireless dog fences like Halo® and SpotOn® aren’t as reliable as wired (underground) electronic dog fences like DogWatch® Hidden Fences.

Discover more about the drawbacks of GPS dog fences and the benefits of owning a DogWatch® wired subterranean dog fence.

GPS: Unreliable Boundary

Hidden Fencing: Consistent Boundary - Increased safety

Dog fences using GPS don’t always send out a reliable border signal.  Because of weather variations and other erratic circumstances, GPS coordinates frequently change, causing the border signal to wander up to 16 feet in any direction at any moment.  A pet may become confused by an inconsistent border, which can complicate training and reduce the dependability of containment.  Even within the house, it may result in a correction for a pet when they are not in close proximity to the boundaries.

The most reliable border is created at the wire by hidden fences with subterranean (permanently installed) wiring.  The border is immobile at all times.  This constancy ensures that your pet will be safely enclosed in their yard and that they are taught correctly.

GPS: Limited Battery Life of Collar

Hidden Fencing: Longest Collar-Battery Life on the Market

Rechargeable batteries are usually used to power the receiver-collars of wireless dog fences.  GPS collars require charging at least once a day. The constant needing to recharge the collar might ultimately become an annoying job that causes irregular use.  Furthermore, rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan, so at some point they will stop being a dependable source of power for the GPS gadget.  All of these things contribute to your pet’s confinement becoming less dependable.

With a TWO YEAR battery life, DogWatch receiver-collars offer increased pet safety and less effort and cost for you.

GPS: Large Collar

Hidden Fencing: Compact Collar Suitable for All Dogs (and Cats Too)

Large and unwieldy, GPS wireless dog fences are not appropriate for tiny to medium-sized dogs.

Collars made by DogWatch accommodate dogs of all sizes.  Actually, the weight of our R7mini receiver collar is just 1.1 ounces, making it the ideal size for tiny dogs and cats alike!

GPS: Recurring Charges and Restricted Guarantees

Hidden Fencing: A Lifetime Warranty and No Monthly Fees!

A monthly subscription charge is sometimes required for the usage of GPS and/or cellular networks in many wireless dog fence systems.

Monthly costs are waived with DogWatch Hidden Fences.  Moreover, a lifetime equipment guarantee is included!  A limited warranty is the most common feature of GPS wireless dog collars.

GPS: Only Available Online

Hidden Fencing: Atlanta's DogWatch offers in-person customer service and expert training.

GPS collar manufacturers have a negative image due to their subpar products and unsatisfactory customer support.

Atlanta DogWatch® is a company that is run and owned locally.  Here, too, we are residents!  Comprehensive training is included with our Hidden Fences.  Furthermore, long after you’ve decided on DogWatch®, we’ll be here to help you whenever you need it.

GPS: Restricted Uses, Signal Interference

Hidden Fencing: Patented SafeLink® Digital Signal

Smaller-sized properties shouldn’t use GPS wireless dog fences since the GPS boundary line might fluctuate up to 16 feet.  Additionally, nearby obstructions like trees, buildings, and towering objects might interfere with GPS signals.

No matter the size or shape of the property, DogWatch Hidden Fences perform flawlessly, and our unique FM signal is less likely to be interfered with by other stray radio signals.

Customer Story

“I bought a Halo collar for my dog Bear hoping that would be a simple solution.  But after having nothing but problems with the collar, as well as the company, I gave Derrick from DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing a call and they were able to get me a fence in the same week!  They did an awesome job installing it, as well as training Bear on the fence.  The fence has been working great, and Bear has not got out of the year once! I am very happy, and would highly recommend it!”

Austin W. – Michigan