CAT200 – Cat Indoor Boundary: Versatile Indoor Solution


CAT200 Indoor Boundary offers flexible area protection for cats. Compatible with CR7 receiver and all DogWatch FM receivers.

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CAT200 – Cat Indoor Boundary: Your Flexible Indoor Solution for Cats

Versatile, Comprehensive, and Cat-Friendly

Introducing the CAT200 Indoor Boundary, designed to offer versatile area protection for your cats. This system can be used with a boundary wire for larger areas or without a wire to protect an area up to 10 feet in diameter. It’s designed to pair with the CR7 receiver for cats but is also compatible with all DogWatch FM receivers.

What’s Included:

  • Flexible Area Protection: Use with or without a boundary wire.
  • Complete Package: Includes power supply, boundary wire, and four indoor training flags with two flag bases.

Why Choose CAT200 – Cat Indoor Boundary?

  • Versatility: Designed for both large and small indoor areas.
  • Compatibility: Pairs with CR7 receiver for cats and all DogWatch FM receivers.