Multi-Tool: All-in-One Tool for DogWatch Receiver Collar


Your all-in-one solution for DogWatch receiver collars. Includes a test light, magnet, and battery compartment tool.

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Multi-Tool – The Ultimate Toolkit for Your DogWatch Receiver Collar

One Tool, Multiple Functions

Introducing the Multi-Tool, designed to provide all the essential tools you need for your DogWatch receiver collar. This versatile tool includes a test light, a magnet for changing training levels, and a tool for opening the battery compartment and interchanging contact posts.

What’s Included:

  • Test Light: To test the functionality of the receiver.
  • Magnet: To change the training levels on your collar.
  • Battery Compartment Tool: To open the battery compartment and interchange contact posts.

Why Choose Our Multi-Tool?

  • Versatility: One tool that serves multiple functions.
  • Convenience: Makes maintaining your DogWatch receiver collar easier.