Quality of Workmanship Matters

At Atlanta DogWatch® we’ve been installing Hidden Pet Fence systems all over north Georgia for more than 25 years.  Among the most significant lessons we’ve taken away from this experience is the significance of doing every task correctly the first time. We have established a reputation for providing the greatest Hidden Fence product out there as well as setting the bar for the best possible customer service and craftsmanship.  

We’ve amassed a sizable collection of internet client endorsements and evaluations along the route that confirm this result.  You may easily find out with a fast online search that we often go above and above for our clients.  What matters most to us is quality!

For us, having skilled workers starts at the top.  There isn’t a dog fence business in your area that possesses the same level of friendliness, professionalism, and attention to detail. Every one of our installers has received extensive training in all facets of installing hidden fences from professionals.  Installing a pet confinement system correctly is more difficult than one may imagine.  To an untrained eye, the intricacies involved in creating and setting up a professional Hidden Fence system may seem intimidating.  We’ve figured out every trick and technique there is to producing the best possible work.

Unlock the Benefits of the SmartFence System for Your Pet's Safety
Unlock the Benefits of the SmartFence System for Your Pet's Safety

Some companies in this industry give a more affordable whole solution by employing low-cost, temporary workers to install their goods, which are disguised fences.  Here at Atlanta DogWatch®, we don’t do this. Our purpose and dedication are always the same: to provide every customer with high-quality, consistent labour.  Every Hidden Fence installation is done with a sense of pride and sincerity, as if it were our own.

Our Hidden Fence wire is installed permanently, meaning that it is constantly buried or fastened in a way that maximises its chances of long-term survival.

To make it less likely to be harmed by Mother Nature or an overly enthusiastic gardener, we know how to tie it to an existing above-ground fence, climb a wall, or span a brook using wire. We also promise our clients total satisfaction. In addition to guaranteeing your pet(s)’ confinement, we also stand by the quality of our job. 

For instance, our clients never have to be concerned about mowing the grass where the Hidden Fence wire crosses the driveway. We ensure that the wire in these regions won’t ever be severed since we guard it so properly. 

We’ve seen some poor work throughout the years from other businesses in our industry. As a result, we have made a commitment to raise our standards of excellence beyond all else.

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We accomplish this, among other things, by routinely checking freshly installed Hidden Fences to make sure everything was done correctly. Our inspectors fill out a comprehensive 3-page post-installation questionnaire in order to thoroughly assess the installer’s work. If anything is found to be below our exacting standards for quality, it is immediately fixed. We are so diligent in this area that we almost never get called back to fix installation-related problems. This hardly ever occurs.

We strongly advise anybody thinking about making an Atlanta Hidden Pet Fence purchase to carefully evaluate the issue of quality and how it should influence their decision. We are sure you’ll find Atlanta DogWatch® to be the Quality Leader in expertly constructed and maintained hidden pet fences. Since the beginning of our firm, we have taken great pride in providing each and every customer with the best possible craftsmanship. In this regard, industry peers have attempted to emulate us and have acquired the ability to make comparable claims. Plagiarism is to be anticipated, but a discerning client who does their research will quickly realise that while quality is simple to brag about, it is harder to consistently deliver.