The Truth about Digital Modulation

Some Hidden Fence firms claim to provide “Digital Modulation,” or DM, in their product advertisements. They refer to it as the newest and most advanced radio transmission technology available for use with Hidden Fence systems. The “next generation,” which is more advanced & more modern than FM radio. It is important to let knowledgeable consumers know that this is untrue. 

signal waves

A radio signal processing technique called digital modulation (DM) is used to transmit and receive data via FM (frequency modulation) or AM (amplitude modulation) radio waves. These days, practically every gadget that facilitates communication uses it. Every device, including mobile phones and Hidden Fences, uses an FM or AM radio frequency to transmit “digitally modulated” messages. DM is NOT an upgrade over AM/FM radio technology, despite its foundation in it.

The "Digital" version of AM/FM radio is called digital modulation.

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The distinctions between AM and FM radio are well known to everybody. FM radio frequencies are well recognised to be clearer and more secure than AM signals. This explains why FM channels are usually used by fire and police services to communicate, and why FM music plays over the radio without static. In summary, digital FM outperforms digital AM.

Most AM-based Hidden Fence collars are likely to experience interference with other AM radio signals that come from various common household electrical equipment because of the distinctions between these two forms of radio technologies. This interference leads to a digital AM Hidden Fence collar that has the potential to “misfire,” startling your pet at random. An animal may get scared and confused as a result.

DogWatch® digital FM Hidden Fences are the safest system for your pet since they never misfire.

The radio signal processing method utilised by EVERY Hidden Fence device on the market today is called digital modulation, or DM. The technology used to process the transmissions in DM products is independent of whether they are based on AM or FM radio. The employment of DM in the Hidden Fence sector is nothing new, distinctive, or exceptional. Present-day goods all make advantage of this technology. 

FM Digital Radio Methods

Some Hidden Fence businesses really base their products on AM radios, which is why they make a big show about having Digital Modulation.

These firms employ deceptive language in an effort to compete with DogWatch®, the ONLY Hidden Fence company in the industry that offers an FM digital radio based solution, because digital AM radio is not as clear and secure as digital FM. These firms are trying to deflect attention from the fact that their product is AM radio based by highlighting a frequently utilised technology (DM) and portraying it as an innovation that sets their product apart.

A knowledgeable customer will recognise that DM is NOT next-generation, “advanced” radio technology that a certain Hidden Fence provider is selling.

Digital modulation is used by EVERY Hidden Fence company across all of their product lines.

A excellent example of this would be the radio in your car. Every (late model) car comes equipped with a “digital” AM/FM radio. An AM or FM channel is just one way that a “digital” (DM) radio processes the incoming signal and gives you something to listen to. 


automobile radio concealed barrier modulation in digital form Furthermore, the radio interprets AM or FM radio signals utilising a type of digital modulation, regardless of who made your car—Ford, BMW, Toyota, etc. Often, the difference in sound quality between automobile radios may be attributed to as little as switching from AM to FM tuning.

A Hidden Fence product's superiority over another can be attributed to the digital modulation type—FM vs AM—that it uses.