What is a DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fence?

At DogWatch, we’re dedicated to ensuring your pets stay safe and happy within the boundaries of your home. For over three decades, we’ve focused exclusively on securing your pet’s safety, making it our sole mission. Our commitment is to provide you with cutting-edge technology for both indoor and outdoor hidden fence systems, designed to offer your pets the security they deserve.

As a company built on integrity and unwavering dedication, we promise our customers products of the highest quality. When you choose DogWatch, you’re not just selecting the leading hidden pet fence company; you’re choosing peace of mind, knowing your beloved pet is consistently safe and content at home.

Based in Massachusetts, we take pride in our products designed by a team of experts who are passionate about meeting your individual needs. Unlike franchises or regional distributors, we are a local Atlanta/Athens-based business, ensuring top-notch service for those seeking “a dog fence company near me.”

DogWatch® - What It IS

DogWatch® operates by employing the safest and most effective FM radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. The receiver collar worn by your pet picks up these radio signals and gently notifies your pet with a mild stimulation whenever they approach the boundary.

What sets a DogWatch hidden fence apart is not only its safety and simplicity but also its aesthetic appeal. Since the wire is underground, hidden fences are sometimes referred to as underground dog fences, wireless pet fences, or even "invisible fences."

DogWatch® - What It Is NOT

It's important to note that the DogWatch® pet containment system is not an electric fence. Unlike electric fences, the DogWatch underground wire is not electrified. Instead, it operates using the safest FM radio signal technology.

Due to the fundamental differences in technology, hidden/“invisible” pet fences and electric fences cannot be used interchangeably. It's essential to consider these differences and appreciate the advantages of the DogWatch hidden fence system.

Why Choose DogWatch?

For years, veterinarians, pet trainers, and pet owners worldwide have placed their trust in DogWatch for the safety and well-being of their furry companions. DogWatch comes highly recommended across the globe, offering the ultimate assurance of your pet’s security.

Designed with your pets in mind, DogWatch is the solution for all your pet containment needs, regardless of the situation. Give your pet the freedom they deserve – choose DogWatch.

Hidden Fences Work for Cats, Too!

Do you have a beloved feline friend? With DogWatch, you can keep them safe too! Whether indoors or outdoors, our pet containment system ensures your cat or kitten stays out of trouble. Whether it’s keeping them away from a new couch or a baby’s room, you can establish an indoor invisible boundary with DogWatch.

If you have an outdoor cat, our DogWatch outdoor hidden fence system can help keep them out of the sandbox and within your designated area. The best part is that all our transmitters are compatible with the same receivers, making it possible to use with both cats and dogs simultaneously!